July/August 2020

Automation, flexibility trending in end-of-processing-line packaging

Increasing customer demands coupled with the need for automation and labor reduction make end-of-line packaging a key area for food producers.

Blockchain in food traceability continues to evolve

Since IBM Food Trust was launched in 2017, other blockchain traceability platforms have emerged. One data exec questions if blockchain is even necessary.

COVID-related foodservice decline forces fry makers to make tough decisions

A rep from McCain Foods, the world’s largest maker of frozen french fries, said foodservice shutdowns due to COVID-19 were ‘felt immediately.’

Heating and cooling in food processing facilities and product

Temperature control in both facilities and in the food itself are important factors for produce processors. Colmac Coil and Weber Cooling offer insight.

Potato chip industry sees boon in retail sector during COVID

A pandemic doesn’t bring many positives, although it has been good for potato chip sales at supermarkets and grocery stores.

Produce sorting equipment data useful from processing line back to the field

Produce sorting equipment collects an incredible amount of data, but most of it goes unused. Several equipment providers are working to change that.

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