January/February 2021

Eyeing food trends for 2021

In terms of processed produce, snacks, fermented cabbage, microgreens and spicy flavors should be trending up in 2021.

FDA, produce industry ramping up leafy greens food safety efforts

The FDA is partnering with university and food safety orgs, and equipment manufacturers are looking for ways to help eliminate pathogens.

Food packaging innovation to prevent food waste

4-10% of food purchased by foodservice operations in the U.S. is thrown out before reaching plates, according to the EPA.

Keeping leafy greens fresh and healthy an exact science

It might not seem that impressive today, but the fact that fresh leafy greens are available all across America at any time of year is quite remarkable.

Produce industry pushes ahead on food safety research

“If you have a food safety problem or concern, and you need knowledge, the Center for Produce Safety should be the first place you look.”

Produce-based snack foods on the rise

Fruit-, vegetable- and legume-based snacks are expected to lead a burgeoning snack food industry in the coming years.

Syngenta opens next-generation tomato breeding facility in the Netherlands

In mid-2020, Syngenta presented a webcast tour and interviews at Tomato Vision, an avant-garde tomato greenhouse in the Netherlands’ Maasland.

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