April 2005

  • Convenience Stores Looking to Fresh-cut With slimmer profit margins on gasoline and cigarette sales — and both categories facing very uncertain futures — convenience stores are looking for new ways to boost revenue and differentiate themselves from competitors.
  • Food Safety/Sanitation: Smooth-Sailing Sanitation I received an e-mail from a produce plant in California asking me what to do to establish a food safety sanitation program? Are we using the right product to clean with? Does the crew know how to apply it correctly? Are they following the correct procedures to clean properly?
  • Fresh Fruit, Salad Lines Exceed Expectations With the introduction of its fresh fruit bowl and cup now virtually complete, Wendy’s Restaurants has taken fresh-cut fruit to a whole new level in the fast-food industry.
  • Innovations: Raw Materials Industry professionals who have accomplished the successful transformation from the produce growing and packing business to the value-added fresh-cut business will attest to the pitfalls in pursuing the same strategy for both. One of the basic differences lies in the business models themselves.
  • Pioneering Fresh-cut ‘Down Under’ OneHarvest has blossomed from little more than a dream to become Australia’s largest national fresh-cut produce organization — the only fresh-cut company in that country with national distribution.
  • Showcase: Fresh-cut Expo Exhibitors
  • Thank You, Fresh-cut Industry

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