United Fresh Product Awards

Awards were handed out Thursday afternoon for the Best New Products at United Fresh 2010. Winners were selected by ballot.

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Fresh-Cut Research, Take 2

The food safety pavilion at United Fresh 2010 offered researchers the chance to talk about projects, and some had implications for processors.
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Super Sessions

The United Fresh Super Sessions - with four concurrent tracks for retail/foodservice, grower shipper, wholesaler/distributor and fresh-cut processing ... continue reading »

What is Value?

The term “value-added” is often tossed around, but do we ever stop to think about what it means? Almost anything at the supermarket these da... continue reading »

Pero’s Salad Cut Ups

Pero’s Salad Cut Ups
Pero Family Farms finds fresh-cuts favorable
By Scott Christie
Managing Editor

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State of the Industry

At the start of 2009 in Fresh Cut’s annual state of the industry report, there was little evidence that the small cracks in the economy would gro... continue reading »

A Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle Foods Inc., a fresh-cut processor based in York, Pa., has only been operating for four years, but already it’s expanding its lineup aro... continue reading »

Going Green

The past few years have witnessed a tremendous growth in the environmental movement. While the roots of the modern green movement date back to the lat... continue reading »

Fresh Del Monte Produce’s fresh-cut vending machines have ‘rock star’ appeal

Fresh Del Monte Produce is heavily invested in value-added produce items at retail, but the company was looking for ways to reach consumers in places ... continue reading »

New packaging, promotions “re-invent” the bagged salad line

Bagged salads jump-started the fresh-cut produce industry and today account for nearly $5 billion in sales. A few big companies, one of which is Monte... continue reading »