Food Safety

Apple slices newest addition to Henderson’s Best Apples

When Allan Henderson began his entry into the world of fresh-cut apples slices in 2006, he found it a secretive place in which information was closely... continue reading »

The Best Risk Communication

Every food manufacturing company should have a risk communication plan that can be accessed quickly in the event a product sickens or kills customers.... continue reading »

Mann Packing introduces leafy green products to retail customers

Mann Packing Co.’s is almost synonymous with broccoli. That’s no surprise, as the Salinas, Calif.-based grower, shipper and processor is the... continue reading »

Public Relations

An immediate reporting and traceback system is essential to finding food-related disease outbreaks and ending them quickly. The ongoing tomato crisis ... continue reading »

Is Fresh-Cut Worth the Price

Don’t let the headline scare you or make you write nasty e-mails to Fresh Cut magazine or me. Yes, they definitely are worth the price. But becau... continue reading »

Las Vegas distributor and processor grows into modern, upscale plant

Step inside the new lobby of Las Vegas-based Get Fresh Sales Inc., and you might think you’ve stepped into a trendy club. A polished concrete flo... continue reading »

Fuel prices, regulations make shipping tough on processors

Rising diesel fuel prices are driving trucking companies out of business and raising rates with additional fuel surcharges. But the trucking and produ... continue reading »

Import alert leads to fresh, fresh-cut product recalls

On March 22, FDA issued a rarely used import alert on Honduran-grown cantaloupe that the agency believed was contaminated with Salmonella litchfield, ... continue reading »

Local Produce is More Than a Fad

Everywhere I turn, there is mention of local produce. My grocery store touts its local grower heritage, and many upscale restaurants provide mouth-wat... continue reading »

Duda Farm Fresh moves into new fresh-cut facility

Duda Farm Fresh Foods has been growing, packing and shipping celery for more than 80 years, but as the demands of retail customers changed, the compan... continue reading »