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Industry United Over Concerns of Safety of Lettuce, Leafy Greens

Leaders of several produce industry organizations have joined together to respond to concerns over the safety of lettuce products.

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Classic Salads Puts Not-So-Classic Twist On Dinnerware

Classic Salads knows its stuff when it comes to spring mixes and spinach. Now, the company’s moving on to some not-so-classic items to spice up t... continue reading »

Processor Looks To Capitalize on Demographic Trends With Innovation

A demographic shift and emerging consumer trends are playing big roles in the continued growth of the fresh-cut produce industry, according to at leas... continue reading »

Zappala Family Builds on Growing Taste for Mild, Sweet Onions

When the Zappalas entered the onion business in 1927, history was on their side. Onions, after all, have been a key part of good eating, worldwide, fo... continue reading »

Retail Sales

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Fresh Focus: Disaster Plans

Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Rita. Hurricane Wilma. Just a few months ago, these storms changed the lives of millions of people. Even if you did not w... continue reading »

Fresh-Cut Foodservice

In Fresh Cut this month, we look at the foodservice industry and its relationship with fresh-cut. Foodservice and fresh-cut are natural partners.
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Guidance Addresses Lettuce, Leafy Greens Safety Issues

The safety of the food supply is on the minds of the American public and the federal government. The food supply – and lettuce in particular ... continue reading »

Fresh Focus: Packaging for Profit

There has been much debate this spring in Washington, D.C., as to whether national food safety labeling laws should become standard and pre-empt all s... continue reading »

New Jersey Farm Delves into Microwavable Asparagus

As U.S. asparagus consumption rises, producers are looking for ways to take the mystery out of cooking the vegetable.

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