Cold Chain/Logistics

Focus of Salmonella Investigation Moves Away from Tomatoes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has backed away from earlier statements that pointed to tomatoes as the cause of a nationwide Sal... continue reading »

Las Vegas distributor and processor grows into modern, upscale plant

Step inside the new lobby of Las Vegas-based Get Fresh Sales Inc., and you might think you’ve stepped into a trendy club. A polished concrete flo... continue reading »

Duda Farm Fresh moves into new fresh-cut facility

Duda Farm Fresh Foods has been growing, packing and shipping celery for more than 80 years, but as the demands of retail customers changed, the compan... continue reading »

Georgia researcher perfecting fresh-sliced peaches

Fresh-cut sliced peaches, packaged in a clear plastic inverted cup, are about two years away from the convenience food market, if things come together... continue reading »

Fresh-cut processor helps drive growth of avocado market

For the last 10 years, one company was at the top of the A.C. Nielsen retail sales charts, but few people knew its name. Although the packaging was un... continue reading »

Family-owned shipper expands fresh-cut operations

When Scott Danner, chief operating officer for Kansas City, Kan.-based Liberty Fruit Co., told owner and CEO Arnold Caviar that he needed to expand th... continue reading »

Cruise line looks for solution to rotten produce problem

David Mizer doesn’t pull any punches, and he’s calling the produce industry “shy.”

Mizer is vice presiden... continue reading »

Sandstone Marketing targets value-added niche

When Milas Russell Jr., a melon grower in Arizona and California, looked at the fresh-cut industry in the early 1990s, he didn’t see it as a viab... continue reading »

Fresh whole product makes good fresh-cut, too

When fresh-cut processors develop a new product, a lot of research goes in to finding a fruit or vegetable that will handle the cutting process and de... continue reading »

Convenience drives fresh-cut produce packaged with carbs and proteins

The fresh-cut industry may have started with plain lettuce washed and bagged, but it’s grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that is increas... continue reading »