FSMA federalism

The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) recent webinar on implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) would have been music to James Ma... continue reading »

New website, new blog, new horizons

Hank Williams Jr., asked an enduring question in song a few years ago: if something’s good, why does it change? The answer is simple: good things... continue reading »

Day Two of United Fresh 2014

After hours of engaging, meeting, interviewing and walking, the Fresh Cut team has returned to Michigan. After a five-hour drive, we are exhausted, bu... continue reading »

Day One of United Fresh 2014

Hello, Chicago! This is my first time at United Fresh and the beautiful Chicago skyline is definitely a value-added bonus. But I have to say, the trad... continue reading »

Learning and unlearning

On paper, I was part of a group absorbing information at the Produce Marketing Association Tech Knowledge seminar in San Diego. At times, as futurist... continue reading »

United Day 2: Food safety front and center

Everywhere you turned during the second and final day of the United Fresh 2013 trade show and convention in San Diego, people were talking about foo... continue reading »

United Day 1: Location, location, location

Of the famous five W’s of journalism, the one that relates the most to the first day of the United Fresh 2013 show in San Diego is “wher... continue reading »

Wednesday at United Fresh 2012 in Dallas

Wednesday marked another full day at United Fresh 2012 in Dallas. Between a busy morning breakfast gathering that included awards and a speech from fo... continue reading »

Day 1 at United Fresh 2012 in Dallas: Optimism, work to do

What a full first day at United Fresh 2012 in Dallas. From the opening breakfast featuring a presentation on the future of food retailing by Harris Te... continue reading »