Key introduces digital sorters for dried fruits

February 16, 2017

Key Technology introduces VERYX digital sorters for nuts and dried fruits. The new sorter is designed specifically to identify and remove foreign material (FM) and defects such as small, loose and embedded shell fragments, membrane material, insect damage, surface scratches, color-based defects, stems, rocks, glass and more.

The VERYX digital sorters can be used for dried fruit such as raisins, prunes, cranberries, apricots, figs, dates and more.

VERYX is the only nut and dried fruit sorter that can be configured with front- and rear-mounted laser sensors and cameras to achieve all-sided surface inspection, according to Key Technology. It is also the only sorter with multi-sensor Pixel Fusion, which combines pixel-level input from multiple cameras and laser sensors. With Pixel Fusion, VERYX consistently removes the most difficult-to-detect FM and defects without “false positives,” according to the company.

The next-generation 4-channel cameras and laser sensors on VERYX offer twice the resolution of previous generation sorters to detect smaller pieces of shell, FM and product defects. The detection system is paired with a high-resolution ejection system. Intelligent software manages the air nozzles’ actuation strategy to suit the size, shape and weight of each object being removed.

Key offers VERYX in a variety of widths to meet the needs of low- to high-capacity nut and dried fruit processors. The patented Chycane chute features a patented concave shape that stabilizes product as it transitions into the inspection and ejection zones. The sorting system includes specialized infeed and collection shakers designed specifically for each product to handle fragile nuts and move sticky dried fruits without damage.

VERYX works as a stand-alone sorter, either in line or batch fed, and in arrangements comprising a line of multiple sorters, depending on the needs of the processor. Integrating Key’s Cayman BioPrint sorter upstream of VERYX creates a powerful combination, according to the company. The Cayman hyperspectral sensors handle incoming shells and other FM.

Key manufactures VERYX sorters in both the U.S. and Europe, and supports customers worldwide through its global sales and service network.

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